My PC Build Part 1 – Why??

So recently i decided that this year would be the year that i build myself a PC to do all the wonderful things that i want it too.

So i first started by deciding what i wanted to do with this PC and in an ideal world it will do 2 things…play games (obviously) and it will also allow me to quickly and efficiently edit videos and images

This is going to be a diary of my PC build as it takes place, with the components that i buy to go into the rig as well as any issues that i come up against i will post on my blog.

So the first thing i did was take some advice regarding components for building and i was recommend to get at least 16gb RAM as this will help with my video editing, and also to get an 8GB graphics card, this will more than likely be the most expensive part of the build and will help run all games i need too and also run the graphics heavy editing that i will be doing in the future.

So, the next steps will be deciding which motherboard and processor i decide to build…do i go down the Intel route or the AMD route?

Please note that the above image does not represent in any way the final product of my PC build 😀


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