Power Rangers – Its Morphin’ Time…Maybe

So the new Power Rangers movie got a trailer…big whoop. Yes this is starting a big negative, but let me tell you why.

I remember Power Rangers when they first high kicked onto the scene…when there was only 5 of them. Before the Green Ranger joined the team.

I remember them being cheesy and great fun, each episode would always follow the same path, Rangers chilling at school….putty patrol try and ruin their fun….Finster makes a new monster and sends it down to Earth….Rangers fight and seem to defeat the bad guy….Rita makes the bad guy big again….Power Rangers call on their Megazords…..and then it either goes one of two ways…they defeat the bad guy with the standard Megazord or they have to call in the super-ultra-mega-badass Megazord and then they always end up having a bit of fun at the end.

Now with the new trailer I cant help at feeling a bit let down, its going to become too ‘Hollywood’ and not the cheese that we all know it to be.

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Im sure that the film will be a great jaunt into the world of the Power Rangers and possibly set up a series of films that will span the never ending iterations that seem to get thrown out onto our children’s television sets.

One thing for sure..with the film makers deciding that Bulk and Skull were not needed in the movie I wonder what else they have decided to leave out that we know and love….


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