I’m New To Harry Potter…..sorry

So, until this year I have never watched a Harry Potter film….let me just give you a few minutes to start shouting at me and generally getting rid of that look of amazement off your faces


Now, its true, I had never got the appeal of Harry Potter, that was until my 7 (and three quarters in case she is reading) watched the second of the films with her Mum, now she was interested in the Potter world obviously it was my duty as her “cool” Dad to understand what is going on. So when she came and stayed with L and myself at Christmas we had movie night…and on this movie night we went and bought the first Harry Potter film, Philosophers Stone.

We sat down and watched together and I was engrossed, I literally couldnt take my eyes off the screen for the whole time I was watching it. Now, it wasnt a great film, but there was something about it that caught my attention, and now I was hooked. I could see what all the fuss was about and immediately wished that I had watched them all when they were released.

But as time as moved on since Harry was at Hogwarts, with him probably working down his local Asda Superstore now on the fish counter, all of the films have now been released on different forms of media, and I started watching them. Starting understand what was going on with Harry and watching the relationships grow between them….seeing Ron sacrifice himself on the chess board and then getting the right hump with Harry later on. It’s just good solid family, albeit scary at times, fun.

So at the time of writing this I am currently about to undertake the 2 part finale that is The Deathly Hallows and I am excited and hesitant…well after all once I finish this there is nothing else for me to watch until Fantastic Beasts gets released on Bluray….or do I go and see it at the cinema.

Anyways, just a quick note i’m off to deliberate on whether to watch the films now or to wait a few days.



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