No Mans Sky…my hesitations

Just a quick brief blog to post why i am not sure about No Mans Sky, now dont get me wrong what we have been shown in the trailers makes it look fantastic, colourful, diverse, ginormous. But there is my worry, have we been shown the best bits, like a film trailer that knows its going to bomb.

I really hope that the game itself is fantastic, although as a (mostly) multiplayer gamer, i am going to be spending the majority of my game time on my own, unless i purposefully aim to go and find one of my friends on a planet at the other side of the galaxy, which who knows how long that could take.


Alternatively do you just decide to be a space pirate and set out to go planet by planet devouring it of it’s resources.

The game has been given no storyline, except you can carve out your own story in the No Mans Sky universe.


With the game due out in around 2 weeks its going to be interesting to read reviews and see some gameplay and then who knows…i might end up joining the millions of gamers who will be heading out into the great unknown.

See you out there….somewhere….maybe.


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