Season Pass Dilemma

So recently on a Facebook group I am a member of ( a conversation was brought up about season passes.

So briefly a season pass is a one time payment which gives you all the DLC for a particular game…for example…Call of Duty Season passes are usually around £40 but they give access to 4 (at least) DLC downloads, and in general individually the price would be slightly more than the combined season pass cost (approx £12 per DLC x 4 = £48 buying them individually)

In some instances they are great, however one game in particular that was brought up….Star Wars Battlefront….like some others I purchased this game as a preorder as I am a huge Start Wars fan, along with the season pass. Now the digital delux game has come down in price (massively) by more than 50% and all those of us who bought the season pass are left out of pocket for all the DLC that has not been released yet.

So season passes, when bought at the right time can be fantastic….any late comer for example to Driveclub, would be well informed to purchase the season pass at the cost of a tenner, and that gives you access to a veritable feast of extra cars, tracks, liveries and races, however some companies go down another route of not making you purchase DLC just like GTA V. All the extras could quite easily be made chargeable by Rockstar but nah, they give them to us for freeeeee.

What are your experiences of season passes? Do you agree with them, or do you have mixed emotions about them?


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