Are You A Trophy Wh*re

Are you a trophy Wh*re or are you casual Trophy hunter.

Trophies or achievements have been around for years, we all have a trophy level and we all collect them if you want to or not, the occasional pop or ping of the notification showing what you have just gained is always followed by the searching through the list of trophies/achievements to see what it was that you received it for. While most people know what trophies are for, I thought I would delve into the more inner details of the phenomenon that I became……..a trophy/achievement wh*re !!!

I got an Xbox 360 waaaaaaaaaay back when it was released, and after booting up my first game (Dead or Alive back in 2006) and playing it for a short period you receive the tell-tale pop-ping was coming up, I’m not embarrassed to admit that it was for getting 5 straight losses online….i wasn’t very good back in the day. It was a great feeling to add points to my Gamerscore and eventually before I got the dreaded RLOD and moved across to the PlayStation 3 my Gamerscore was up to 7656, although with no games being 100% completed, the highest game was 540 out of 1000 (54%) from ICC Cricket 2007. I was what they called a trophy wh*re, always getting a game and checking to see what the easiest trophies were to get, some just needed you to upload a screenshot to a specific game server and this was carried out with a smile on my face knowing that I have just added 10 points to that score.

However, this all changed with I moved across to the PlayStation 3, I stooped to a new low. PlayStation trophies (as you probably know) are in 4 categories, bronze, silver, gold and the elusive platinum you get for completing the rest of the trophies. Currently I am at level 15, with a total of 2327 trophies and only 8 platinum’s. When I first got my ps3 I was hunting for the easiest trophies and if you want to look through the amount of games that I have played then you can here


You will notice a lot of numbers quite low and only a few games that I got ‘stuck’ into. You will however find a couple of games that I am VERY embarrassed to say I got the platinum trophy……..

Hannah Montana The Movie, and Cars: Race-O-Rama with the latter being completed in less than 2 days, this shows that I was a trophy ho’, collecting the easy games just to try and boost my platinum level to be ahead of my friends. Needless to say that I was ahead of the majority of my friends, it didn’t give me any satisfaction with those two games on my list, and now with the ability that I can hide the specific trophies from a specific game, I could go through and hide these, but its always a constant reminder to myself not to go back to that dark place I once was in.

Onto now, well now I still enjoy trophies, but I have come out the other side and am actually enjoying playing the games that I play and not worrying about how many trophies I can get on my way to getting as far into the game as possible enjoying the storyline and more recently on the PS4 enjoying the amazing graphics. For example, if you have the patience to scroll down and find The Last of Us, you can see I have 3 out of the 50 trophies, even though I completed the game and massively enjoyed the storyline I only got a few trophies. A bit closer to the time, the amount of time and hours I put into getting the Platinum on Fifa 14, enjoying my way and becoming a better player.

I am a new man!!!

I still have the niggling for more trophies, but now I enjoy the games I play……although I will always have a Miley Cyrus shaped monkey on my back.

Thanks for reading


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