Remastered Games, Do We Need Them?

In answer, Yes!

Well that’s the end of the the article, thanks for reading….wellllllll not quite!

You see I have a certain issue with some remastered games, I do believe that they are a worthwhile genre of games for the latest generation of consoles, its hard to get excited about a remastered game unless you never owned a previous console.

For example…if you owned a PS3, then you most likely played The Last Of Us and GTA V on that console, queue the release of the PS4, and the subsequent releases of these games remastered, or up-scaled, whichever way you want to look at it. From experience, I completed TLOU on the PS3 and was never tempted to buy the PS4 version, not matter how many bits of DLC it came with, don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to try it just to see what it looked like, however at full price…no thanks.

GTA however, was a completely different story, when it was released on the PS3 back in 2013, I snapped it up on day of release, and played it to death, finished the story line and that was it. I never dived into the online section of the game due to its many bugs that affected it. Time travel forward to the PS4 release of THE SAME game the following year, and now with a new console on my TV unit I once again purchased the game, solely for the online element of the game.

Now what i’m trying to say is that while a remastered game is great if there are many modes for the game, I don’t think that its necessarily worth it for a exact replica of the previous incarnation of said game.

There are games that i never got to play on the PS3 that have been remastered recently, and that is great, but if I wasn’t tempted to get them on the PS3 then why would I purchase them for the PS4, it seems like a quick and easy way for developers to get a little extra buck.

With uncharted 4 getting released on the PS4 in the coming year, we saw a release of the Nathan Drake Collection, allowing newcomers to the Uncharted series to play through the previous 3 games before getting to grips with Nathan Drake in all his high definition glory.

Do you have a remastered game that you have enjoyed playing through? Why not post a comment?


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