Need for Speed – Old Banger or Racing Machine

Ok, so its been a couple of weeks since the launch of EA and Ghost Games’ Need for Speed, a reboot of the games that have seen us go from street racing, through to racing as cops, and now back to the street racing that many gamers enjoyed back when Underground was released.

So what has changed in all that time…well the first change that got me excited was the Frostbite engine was being used, now anyone that has played Battlefront 4, or Hardline knows that the Frostbite engine gives us amazing visuals and NFS is no different….the game is predominantly played at night, however you do get an early morning sunrise but this is quickly turned back into night.

The main story brings you into a group of street racers and you are challenged with impressing some real life driving stars by going through differing types of race styles…drift….speed….destruction….out run the 5-0 and drive as part of a crew. The cut scenes are made using FMV (Full Motion Video) and are cheesy at best…but seems to fit into the game quite well. The story is quite short, however you can extend your time with the game by carrying out daily challenges…these will range from simply winning a particular race through to getting 21 near missed while in a police pursuit and everything in between. These are great fun to jump on and do and also offer rewards for completing all 3 each day…either a sticker or a car part…each challenge you complete ranks you up in the monthly ranking giving you a reward every 5 that you complete. Complete 50 of them in a single month and you get rewarded with a premium performance part. This months reward is a large nitrous tank.

The car list is pretty decent…ranking from a classic Golf GTI through to a Lambo Aventador, there are some great vehicles to drive and some classic “Fast and Furious” cars including the Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline. Hopefully more cars will get added to the game through the already announced FREE DLC that Ghost Games are going to be releasing upon us in the coming months.

So now that we have got all the good stuff out the way…whats wrong with the game? Well one major factor is driving in a crew…the game is advertised as a crew based game where you can drive around with your friends and cause havoc….now while that is technically true….there is one glaring omission….Online Multiplayer Racers! Now while those that have played the game will probably say that this is in the game….well only in a loose term.

Picture this…. You get in a crew with a friend…a laborious task to begin with. If you are both in separate games there is no way to quickly jump into a crew game together. On the beta you had the option to go into the game ‘SOLO’ this seems to have been left out for some reason. Now you have to close the game, restart and then invite your friend into a crew before actually starting the game. This is a PAIN!

Once you are in a crew room with your friend, you then go to an event and press a button to start the race as a crew, this is great but in this instance would be the 2 players in your crew with the remaining drivers being made up of AI drivers. Why cant we matchmake with other drivers and take them all on…all player controlled drivers! This is the most annoying factor of the crew system.

My final dislike of the game is the lack of police…once string of the story involves you carrying out missions for the ‘OUTLAW’ but these generally involve the police, which is fine but you can be driving around looking for police, destroying bus stops, crashing into other cars and there would be no police to be seen, add to that the incompetence of the AI in control of the cop cars…not being able to carry out a simple handbrake turn to quickly turn through 180 degrees to come after you, when you are having to carry out a 5 minute pursuit you end up having to stop and go back to find them.

Sooo all the bad points aside the game is a great start and with the added extra of free dlc coming…the first of which will be the addition of neons for your cars among other things, the game has potentially a great future. Just add competitive multiplayer matching and this will counter the short story mode included.

Thanks for reading.


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