PS4 – Thermal Paste Replacement

Recently, my PS4 has been getting particularly loud, the fans have been kicking in and generally not stopping. I gave it it’s due it has been around 2 years since it made it’s way to my front room and got switched on. So I have hoovered the dust out and that gave it a slight improvement, but after reading online that the thermal paste used inside the console can potentially wear out, or go crusty over a period of time I decided that against all odds I was going to take the PS4 apart and replace this thermal paste.

So with screwdrivers in hand I set about the task, and while I was at it I replaced the stock 500gb HDD with a nice shiny new 1tb SSHD to help out with all those games coming out in the coming months.

The console itself was relatively straight forward to disassemble, all screws were generally one of two types, and going through methodically taking apart each part in order of bottom of case, power unit, optical drive, top of case, HDD tray and then the last piece was the metal shield and motherboard.

After cleaning off the old paste with a supplied grease cleaner and applying a pea size dollop of new thermal paste the console all got pieced back together bit by bit, once again all straight forward.

Below is a video showing each stage step by step of me attempting to guide you through the process of taking apart your console, showing the best method of doing so. Why not check it out.

After replacing the paste the console has been whisper quiet and generally the fans do not wind up anywhere near they were before the fix.

So if you think you have the confidence to take your pride and joy apart to carry this out then go for it. Take note of where everything goes and be methodical with it and you should be fine. Just be gentle!


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