So we recently got given the pilot episode of Supergirl, I watched it and was left feeling a little disappointed.

On one hand it was good to see a TV series focusing on a Female superhero or should that be heroine? The cast was good, the special effects were standard in a TV show. Even the storyline was decent..Supergirl being sent to protect kal-el on his journey but her pod was bumped off course after krypton exploded and she was sent Into the phantom zone (was it any wonder when the phantom zone appeared so close to the most direct route to earth…figures) but she somehow escapes and finally makes it to earth only to find out that Kal-El is now Clark Kent or Superman to the masses, she then gets placed with a family for them to raise her. She feels something missing and so becomes Supergirl after witnessing a crashing plane that her sister is on…and breathe.

So what do we get…..well lots of people already know her secret…this is my first issue…why oh why would so many people know the secret….from the Government (yep!) ┬áto new to the town Jimmy Olsen.
Your just asking for them to be captured…especially Jimmy.

That is not the worst part of the storyline…why didn’t Superman just come and fix everything…..does he not like the particular city that his cousin lives in – National City..allowing it to go to ruin. Wow Superman….your a dick!

The most laughable part was the fact that Dean Cain…yes he of Lois and Clark fame gets a cameo as the father of the couple that takes in Supergirl. Cheese!

They have definitely given the season it’s overall story though…when Supergirl escaped from the phantom zone, a prison ship followed her and crash landed on earth releasing all the prisoners…not a great prison if it can’t keep its structural stability when it crashes! All of its occupants are no doubt of higher than normal strength and will keep Supergirl on her toes. I’m sure there will be some stage when she needs some help so who will she call? I dunno.

It seems the writers have gone more down the humorous ‘Flash’ route than the more darker ‘Arrow’ route so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

I’m going to watch another couple of episodes to see how the story unfolds.


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