Star Wars Battlefront Beta Impressions

So normally I would write a pseudo review of what I liked and didn’t like about a beta…this time I’m going to do it a bit differently.

In this article will be a number of 10 word (almost) reviews from fellow gamers who have played the beta.

Firstly, lets get my point of view across, the beta is great, i totally enjoyed every second of gameplay, whether playing the fast paced Dropzone mode, or the manic all out Walker Assault. Being able to pilot the AT-AT, Tie-Fighters, X-Wing and Snowspeeder’s brought back nostalgia from my childhood. The general gameplay is fast paced, yet controllable, you always feel that you are able to change the course of action of the battle. The randomly placed power ups give a little bit extra, and then there are the hero pickups…giving you the chance to wield the powers of the Force as either Darth Vader, or Luke Skywalker depending on which side you are. This brings about some great killing sprees and should you come across each other…some epic Jedi battles!

Playing this beta has definitely whetted my appetite for the full game when it is released towards the end of November.

I know this article hasn’t gone into as much detail as a normal ‘review’ but with the beta being an open beta the majority of people interested in the game have already tried it.

So now onto the 10 word reviews, lets see what some members of the PlayStation community thought of the beta

Really enjoying. Look forward to the variety in full game – Celebrity_Fish

Why do the rebels always lose 90% of the matches? – Camo_Kill

The most underwhelming game I’ve played in a long time – Calm_Mind

Sound effects are amazing, graphics stunning. Can’t wait to buy – GregRoots1994

Enjoyable, just wish the BETA offered us a little bit more – Jazef

Great quality loving it going to buy it straight away – Bailey2347

For me personally this is my dream game job done – dingdong70

Balancing and content depth will be key. Great Job so far! – Kynamiiite

So as you can see there is a bit of a mixed bag of impressions, however the majority of players enjoyed the beta with it offering an authentic Star Wars experience.

To finish off the article I collected a series of screenshots whilst playing the Walker Assault mode, so thanks for reading and enjoy the gallery.

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