Featured YouTuber of the Month – MrSeether75

It’s time for another month worth of our Featured YouTuber, this month its MrSeether75


We reached out to the YouTuber for some comments with regards to his channel and where his name came from and this is what he had to say

I started my channel in 2012 just so I could share the base I was building in Minecraft, 3 years later and I am approaching 50,000 views. I still do the odd Minecraft video but at the moment most of my time is spent in the wonderful world of RUST. My channel name ‘MrSeether75’ comes from a band called ‘Veruca Salt’ who did a song in the 90’s called ‘Seether’. When I was creating the channel the song popped into my head and ‘MrSeether75’ was born.

Although I have owned a multitude of consoles and do currently own a PS4 most of my gaming is done on PC. Mainly for the variety of games on Steam but also for the ease of recording with Nvidia’s ‘ShadowPlay’. I don’t get to upload videos all that often due other commitments but I hope to get into the routine of uploading regularly (even if that’s only twice a month). I also aim to improve my video editing (I need to learn how to use Lightworks rather than relying on Movie Maker) and make more entertaining videos, I might even speak in the next one.

having checked out some of his videos, he definitely needs to add a commentary as he is playing, engaging with your audience is one of the best ways to gain subscribers.

So why not go and check out his channel, and drop him a subscribe.

If you would like to feature as YouTuber of the month then go along to our Facebook page and leave us a message


For an example of MrSeether75’s stuff see his latest video below


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