One Year On: Driveclub


In the coming weeks Sony’s flagship racer will be one year old. And what an indifferent year it’s been.

The game made by Evolution studios was in production for a long time and was supposed to be a launch title for the PS4 but delay after delay pushed it’s release back by a staggering 11 months.


The game finally launched with the promise of photo realistic graphics, a mix of arcade-sim handling and a huge social experience across all game modes. Now Evolution managed to pull off the first two promises to great effect, graphically the game was unbelievable it was by far the best looking game on the PlayStation 4 to date.


Handling managed to capture the fun of an arcade racer and mix it with a slight dash of simulation. Every car felt different and the game was challenging but still fun.

All sounds good so far until we move on to the social aspect of driveclub. Evolution’s servers couldn’t cope with anything it was a terrible mess. This was why the game had been delayed and yet it was broken…….badly.

The game was basically offline for the first two months of its lifespan and for most people it put them off driveclub for good.


So how is Driveclub looking now almost a year after its troubled launch? Well it’s magnificent in all honesty.

The game now boasts more than 10 different tour events which all contain 10-20 events within them, the car list is well over 70 now with everything from a mini cooper to the laferrari. The game also boasts one the best weather systems I have ever seen it is ridiculously gorgeous to look at, trust me it has to be seen to be believed.


Driveclub now also boasts a very impressive photo editor a quick press of the touchpad on the dualshock4 and you can create some amazing shots. You can also access photo mode during replays if you missed your opportunity during the race. Every photo on this post was taken and edited by me using the In-game photo mode.


After a troubled start Evolution studios can be very proud of what they have achieved with driveclub. It’s gorgeous to look at and it’s fun to play, everything you want in a game. You can pick this game up for less than £20 and the season pass has been lowered to £10. That’s alot of content for less than £30.

Check out this amazing deal of £15.99 for the game and the season pass exclusively for Playstation Plus users Here


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