Featured YouTuber Of The Month – Mr D

So this is part of a new series where each month we give a bit of praise and try and give a particular YouTuber some hits on their channel, this month is the turn of Mr D.


We approached the quacker and ask him for a comment regarding why he started creating videos on YouTube, giving a bit of a history of his channel and some words of wisdom, his response was “quack quack, quacky quack quack. Quack quack quack…quaquaquack”

So as we couldn’t speak duck, we decided to run it through a translator and it roughly translated as

I first started making videos and uploading them to YouTube in early 2013; this was not long after I got my first PC that was capable of playing games to a decent visual standard. Prior to this, I was gaming on a laptop, and the only game I played on it was World of Warcraft (which I could just about run on the lowest settings). Once I had the hardware to play some of the more visually-demanding titles, I started playing more and more games on my PC and less on my games consoles. As I began enjoying myself more and more, I thought, “why not share what I love doing on YouTube?”, and it just went from there. When I first started, I mainly did survival horror let’s plays, but ended up putting the channel on hiatus for personal reasons. Now that I’m back making videos again, I’m primarily focussing on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, although there are a few other games I intend to play on the channel, as well as a couple of other features that I’m working on.

I think it’s fantastic that we live in an age where digital entertainment content can be produced and shared so easily with such a large audience; YouTube, after all, has a larger potential audience than even the world’s biggest TV networks, as obviously anyone with an internet connection is a potential viewer. Over the last five years in particular, there has been a surge in the demand for gaming content on YouTube, and higher quality content in general, with better production value throughout. YouTube is a fantastic platform for this growth, and this is happening on a variety of levels, from general variety gaming content all the way through to professional “E-Sports”, the popularity (and prize money) of which has skyrocketed in the last 2-3 years. My hope is that this could pave the way for gaming content to be more widely seen on other media outlets, such as online streaming services and even national and international television. While I am hesitant to criticise, in my opinion there are some fundamental changes that need to be made to YouTube as a service if this growth is to be sustained.

If you are unaware of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth series,  check out our review HERE.

This guy knows what he is doing on is videos, always purpose to his movements, and his secret room skills are something to be admired! I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this channel in the future.

Take a look at his latest video below, and while you are at it why not pop to his channel and support him by subscribing to his channel, you can do so by clicking HERE


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