PES2016 Hands On

Finally the football season has returned and along with the return of the world’s most popular sport comes the inevitable release of its video game recreation.


On Thursday Konami released the demo of its upcoming title Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Having played Pes since 1998 when it was known as International Superstar Soccer or ISS I was looking forward to getting my hands on it.

The first thing that grabs you is the visuals, it’s a stunning looking game and according to Konami it only uses 50% of the Fox engine used in the Metal gear solid games. Player models are magnificent with top players easily recognisable, water runs down their faces in the rain and you can even see the sweat building on their foreheads.


Animations have been given an overhaul too, players now move alot better than before with more freedom. The whole game feels more responsive, with players reacting instantly to each button press creating a flowing game with alot more freedom.

Gameplay wise Konami have absolutely nailed it, the pace of the game is perfect it’s the first time I’ve felt like I can play proper football on a game. I only play on the top difficulty, I don’t know how the AI will react on a lower setting but In your own half you get space to knock the ball around, but once you enter the opposition half you are pressured and closed down fast.

Passing is crisp and players will create space at will giving you plenty of options. First touches have been improved and with a flick of the right analogue stick you can pull off skill moves on receiving the ball giving you that extra yard to evade defenders.

Goalkeepers have been given an update they pull off some ridiculous saves but also parry easy ones straight back into play. It’s a fine balance but they still need a little tweak I think.

Overall PES is a phenomenal game. The closest recreation of football to date. It’s smooth and responsive, it looks incredible and most of all its fun.

PES 2016 is Released on 18th September 2015 on all major platforms.

Check out this goal on the demo. Pes 2016 demo


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