Rocket League PS4 Review

Since the launch of the PS4 the free games with Playstation Plus haven’t really been anything to get excited about. Don’t get me wrong some of the smaller indie games have been charming but they are over in a few days and most left me feeling a little disappointed. So I didn’t want to get too enthusiastic when Sony announced that Rocket League would be free for PS4 subscribers for the month of July 2015.


The premise of Rocket league is very simple, two teams Orange and Blue, one huge inflated ball and two goals, one at  either end. Think of it as table football but with rocket powered cars instead of little wooden men.


First thing you will notice is that Rocket League is visually very impressive, the whole look and feel of the game feels really well put together.

Thankfully it isn’t just a pretty face as the gameplay is where it really shines especially online with friends. I haven’t really tried single player but it comes complete with a full seasons mode featuring playoffs and promotions. My majority of time has been spent online so this review will be based on that.

There are two very different experiences when playing online. One is playing with random people which most of the time leads to everyone fighting for the ball which in turn leads to being rammed into furiously anytime you get anywhere close to the ball. You may find a lobby where people don’t play this way but it’s very rare. Or you could just enter a 1vs1 lobby and fight it out yourself.


Playing online with friends is a must as teamwork and communication is key to being successful.  There are 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4 which is correctly named chaos mode.

The pitch is laden with boost pickups, the smaller ones add 12 to your meter everytime you pass over one. Or you can pass over  the large beacons and it will max it out. Keeping boost up is essential and can be the difference between scoring or being destroyed.

Gameplay is a joy, the cars handle very well. You can powerslide, do bicycle kicks, front somersaults, barrel rolls, double jumps and even fly with a handy combo of boost and jumping. The ball is light enough to fly off at the slightest touch but also large enough for you to hit stunning shots. It’s a fast and furious affair with cars jumping all over the place, crashing into you and driving on the ceiling. It’s tremendous fun and often leads to you becoming completely engrossed in the action. Laughing when you jump to early missing the ball and hitting a wall instead. Raging when you miss an epic save by the width of your spoiler.


To be honest it becomes an addiction you find yourself staying for one more game which turns into two more hours of rocket fueled sweaty fun. It’s the game you go back to when you have had enough of being serious. It will take you through every emotion in each 5 minute game it’s the most fun I’ve had on a game in a very long time and best of all its free on Playstation Plus until 3rd August.

Over 3 million people have played this now and it continues to grow. It has to be considered as one of the games of the year it really is that good.

Check out the game in action with this goals montage!


Click HERE to view Rocket League on the PlayStation Store.



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