Farming Simulator, is it the cream of the crop?

Farming Simulator 2015, the latest in the long line of simulator games has been released onto the PS4 in the last week and this finally gave me the ability to fulfil my lifelong dream of running a fully functional space station…erm…I mean farm. Well the latter wasnt really a dream, but the former definately is!

So what is Farming Simulator? For those of you living under rocks in the Australian outback with no phone or internet….well firstly how the hell are you reading this! Farming Sim allows you to take over the running of a farm, be responsible for the harvesting, sowing, cultivating, feeding of animals as well as the buying and selling of equipment to try and make your life easier in the farming world.

The PS4 brings to the party the ability to carry out forestry actions, including chopping down trees. WITH A CHAINSAW!!!

The gameplay is great fun, single player see’s you taking your harvest and either storing it for the selling markets to increase, or take it straight to one of many points on the map which will pay you handsomely for your crop. With the money that you gain you can upgrade your equipment to allow you to go faster while carrying out day to day abilities.

Add to that the jobs board..where you are requested to carry out different functions, be it deliver a large amount of crops somewhere, or even carry out pizza deliveries.

Once you have sufficiently harvested on your own, why not get a friend to join you with the multiplayer option. Giving you the option to start a purely online farm that you and up to 5 friends can tend to your fields.

While the graphics on the game are very good, they are not as good as they could have been and the physics are a bit ropey…going full speed into a wooden picket fence should see it splinter into millions of tiny pieces, instead you just stop. These things however get overlooked due to the surprising amount of fun that can be had just by driving a tractor with a seeder attached to the back and driving up and down a field and depending on the size of the field this can be for quite a while.

Fingers crossed that with Farming Sim being popular on the PC and with the modding community already out there, hopefully some of those mods will find their way across to the console ports of this game.

Final word, the game itself is great in principal, and if you have lots of time to be able to pour into the game you will be rewarded, however add friends and the game becomes a laugh.

farmingsimulator15-05jpg-2e3d66 2662342-farmingsimulator15-09


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