Why Call Of Duty Will Never Fail

So another year, and another Call of Duty game has been announced, and with no doubt it will be the best selling game of the year…but why?

Each year we get a different iteration of the franchise, be it Modern Warfare, Advanced Warface, Black Ops, etc its all the exact same game. Run around at full pelt, the lag compensation penalising those with fast internet, and listening to all the squeekers moan that you just shot them. Oh and campers!

Personally I always say that this is the year that I avoid the game, but each year I decide to give it one last chance in the hope that it gives me the same emotion I got playing Cod 4 way back when.

The game has turned into campers, people not taking part in the objectives of the game modes, just sat in corners waiting for someone to come around the corner and get the cheap kill. The elusive kill to death ratio is apparently the way you can see how good a player is, personally this just shows how cheap the player is.

The single player will always be a great experience, but as soon as you take the switch to online play you will have a torrid time. The lag at times is unacceptable, why they cant have whole dedicated servers and not put the lag compensation on them I have no idea.

So onto the latest Black Ops 3 that is being released in November 2015, another foray into the futuristic weaponary will just fail, bringing the gimicks of what people envisage future warfare will be like, in the latest trailer it shows a arm turning into a gun….this isn’t The Terminator Treyarch, come on…

Hopefully at some point in the near future the powers that be will realise that they need to go back to basics to give us a great game and bring people like me back to the series.

The series will never fail because people find this the easy option when it comes to first person shooters, there isn’t alot of skill that playing COD takes, more people prefer this to the more realistic (IMO) Battlefield series and for reasons unbeknown to me this will always be the case. Hopefully people soon wake up and realise they have made a mistake.

This year I will stand firm and not purchase Black Ops 3…maybe!


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