Daredevil Series 1 Thoughts

The Netflix Original Daredevil has been cast out of the shadows and into our goggles. I have just finished the first series and I have to admit…I’m sold!

During this article I am trying to leave out any major spoilers, if you do read something that ruins any part of the series for you, then I am sorry.

The action packed, dark series brings us Matt Murdock played by English Born Charlie Cox, as well as some other great cast members, including Elden Henson as Matt’s best friend Foggy Nelson. Bob Gunton,┬áVincent D’Onofrio as the immovable Kingpin and Scott Glenn all appear.

The series starts off slow, making us aware that Nelson and Murdock are new attorneys at law and have just gone on their own to start a law practice. Bringing out all of Murdock’s abilities after he was involved in an accident when he was a child, causing toxic goo to get in his eyes, blinding him, but giving him the ability to hear a heartbeat from across the room, or someone screaming more than a block away. With this ability he is able to track his prey, determine if someone is lying among other abilities that we discover further into the series.

Murdock becomes known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, a vigilante who deals his justice with his fists and feet, and in some cases this justice is quite graphic, definitely not one for the squeamish. Although he technically doesn’t kill people, as he is a good catholic boy, he does basically beat them within a millimetre of their lives, and only to get information about who he needs to beat up next.

The entire series focuses on the battle between a group of dangerous villains who are trying to take over Hells Kitchen by destroying it from within and then with the aim of rebuilding. These villains are headed up by the enormous man Wilson Fisk. He comes across as a shy, awkward man, but who has a very very dark secret that becomes known further into the series. At one point in the series we see his crush a man’s head off in a car door because he upset Fisk. Not someone to be reckoned with.

The series ends everything in a great way, allowing the series to stand alone, or it gives the possibility of further series. Personally I hope that we get a second series and with it brings some other characters from the original film and comic books, Bullseye being one of my favourite characters. Although fingers crossed that Colin Farrell doesn’t get cast.

So if you haven’t checked out the series then what are you waiting for, you wont be disappointed, and lets hope that it is popular enough to make Netflix create a second series.

Nelson and Murdock, Avocados at Law!


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