Interview with Pixelbomb Games

Let me tell you a little story, sit back, pull up a footstool, light your best pipe and slip into your purple smoking jacket…

Or just read this where you are, on your phone, laptop or tablet. At a desk, on your sofa or on public transport.

I recently exchanged twitter messages with the peeps at Pixelbomb Games, their game currently in development intrigued me, a mech based game based in Manchester. It reminded me of the PC game Mechwarrior and its many incarnations, a game I spent hours playing. This led me to continue to message the team, seeing how the game is going, where they are showing the game off, and attempting to get access to their deepest and darkest secrets.

To attain the latter part of the information I decided to be blunt and see if they were willing to answer a few nagging questions that were keeping me up at night.

To my surprise they were more than happy with the questions posed and came back with some even better answers, allowing me to sleep easy in my comfy bed.

Below is the unedited responses from them, I hope you enjoy them and get a glimpse into the inner circle of Pixelbomb Games.

What is the size of your team? And what do they do?

Jane: There are 16 of us made up of designers, developers, animators, concept artists, coders, level/vfx/environment specialists
Phil M
Geordie Phil
and a community/business/events person (me).

Who is the funniest?

Lee: I would say that Josh makes me laugh the most, because of his purposely crap jokes haha. He always whistles and sings the Jurassic Park theme tune which winds people up especially Phil, and that makes me laugh.

Sometimes the interplay between Geordie Phil and Josh and a few of the other designers is funny especially between Phil’s Geordie accent and Josh trying to replicate it and coming out usually with a cross between Cockney and Scouse!

What was the influences for your game Beyond Flesh & Blood?

Lee: It’s a third-person game, you just happen to be controlling mechs. We absolutely love robots and all forms of them, from the Japanese ones to the big stomping western mechs, so things like Steel Battalion were a big influence.

When can we expect a release?

Lee: End of the year, officially we’re saying Q4.

Summarise in 15 words what the game is about.

Jane: Beyond Flesh and Blood is a mech-in-mech 3PS story set in Manchester. Gory.

Can you give a brief history of your studio?

Lee: [Like the intro to Star Wars please]
Pixelbomb Games was founded in the UK’s second city back in 2011 as a collective of developers looking to do one thing: make awesome games.
Now we’re a company with deadlines and a full PC and console game to finish…

Any fun facts from your team?

•I often go on epic sleep walk adventures.
•Seb used to be a part of a roller derby team, he was also part of breaking a guiness world record recently for the most active players in a multiplayer map for the game Planetside.
•Josh is actually 6ft even though his persona makes me always think that he is short stuff haha.
•Phil Cockburn looks like a Geordie hobbit…?
•Steven Dizz Desykes used to do Thai Chi, and he is currently learning the Japanese language.
•Chaz (the animator) does handstands as part of his workout routine…ha
•Marina is originally from Spain…and studied in Madrid
•Vladimir is not a vampire, or an impaler of men…
•Scott has recently broken his hand / wrist on a night out with the lads from work.

So as you can see, the guys at Pixelbomb Games are both crazy and very very artistic. The game itself is coming along nicely, although I haven’t had the opportunity to try the game (no PC) I am dying to get my hands on the game.

I have had a tip off that they will be attending EGX 2015 at Birmingham NEC in September, so if you like your mech style games and are looking to get on board a developing indie developer then get yourself there, also follow them on twitter at the following links.

Pixelbomb Games

Beyond Flesh & Blood

For a glimpse of the game, check out the slideshow below to see the team in action.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So you have now seen what the game is all about, and what Pixelbomb Games are all about. Hopefully you have the excitement of this game in the same way that I do. Quarter 4 of this year will be exciting to see the finished product.

Check out the Developer Diary below.


Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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