20 Years With PlayStation

20 Years of PlayStation

So with the PlayStation celebrating 20 years this week, I thought I would look back over my experiences with the consoles that changed my gaming life.

It all started a long long time ago… no don’t worry I wont start like that.

I got my first PlayStation (PS1) back when I was 14 (im 32 and came to the party a little late) and I remember it well, I received the console as a present after bugging my parents over and over to get it. The console was given to me, and just the console…of course being a child I asked outright where my games were, my mum had put them under the cushion of the chair I usually sat on. Looking back that wasn’t a great idea, imagine lifting the cushion to broken pieces of PlayStation games. Upon lifting the cushion I was greeted with Formula 1 and Crash Bandicoot. This started my love affair for console gaming. The ease of plugging it into a TV and going straight into a game, the memory of the sound the console made when booting it up still haunts me. After some time I upgraded to the more slim line PSOne, being able to fit the console in my pocket was a novelty, especially when pulling it out to show people the size or lack thereof.

Then came the PlayStation 2 (or PS2) in 2000, although once again I didn’t get the PS2 straight away, it might have been 3 years after release that I finally got on board what some consider to be the greatest revolution in the console era. This is evident in the fact that the console was continually produced well into 2013, even after the next console was released.  When it was announced that the PS2 was to cease production the PS4 was announced the month after.

Some ground breaking games got its first appearances on the PS2 including God of War, Devil May Cry, and Kingdom Hearts among others. Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto were some of the exclusive series’ that were on the console, and GTA: San Andreas was the best-selling console on the system.

My best memories of the system were playing Singstar with friends, and playing Guitar Heroes for the first time and becoming addicted to it.

Once the PlayStation 2 console ran its course another slimline console was released and once again I was ‘forced’ to buy it, this one again was a tiny console in comparison to the original system.

Fast forward a few years to 2007 in March and we get the release of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console, unfortunately at this point the Xbox 360 had been released for a while and I was invested in gaming on that console, but being a gaming nut I got the PS3 on launch, but unfortunately it gathered dust, any games that were on the console at the start didn’t appeal to me, after all Def Jam Icon just wasn’t enough of a pull to make me drop my Xbox. However when that gave up and I encountered the RROD (Red Ring Of Death) I was forced to move onto the PS3, it was as if the God’s were forcing me to take my place in the PS3.

Trophies were the name of the game and the more trophies I got the more addicted I became to PlayStation gaming. PlayStation Home was also another piece of enjoyment, always made me laugh to run around and see what other people were talking about. Buying items in the various shops and taking part in the number of mini games that were available.

The PS3 console had 3 models over its lifespan (still ongoing) with the Slim released in 2009 and then a Super Slim in 2012. I owned the Slim model as well as the original model, both were great consoles, granted the original was a bit cumbersome, but it was a great console when I finally came to enjoy it.

Then came the greatest console ever made (in my opinion), the PlayStation 4 (PS4). The graphics are amazing, the most photo realistic visuals outside of the PC world that I have ever had the pleasure to gaze upon. The past year of owning the PS4 I have played some great games, and in the years to come over the lifespan of the PS4 I am sure I will get to play even more.

With games such as Grand Theft Auto V and The Last Of Us being re-released on the current gen console with a grand overhaul on graphics and gameplay, the shear ability of the console is being shown. These two games in particular were some of the best looking games on the previous generation of console and with the update, it shows what developers have been able to do in just a year. With games such as The Division and Uncharted 4 coming out soon I think that we will get to see just what the console is made of.

Obviously there has been many problems over the years of the consoles, with the PSN issues, hackings, and the large HDMI port issue that was encountered on the PS4 launch. Even though this has been about the PS4 is one of the fastest selling consoles released, and that says something about what Sony has done with the console genre.

I asked some friends for some of their memories of the PlayStation consoles over the years and after joking about, mentioning smashing their console just because they got shot on Battlefield I finally got some good comments out of them.

“The 150+ glorious hours I ploughed into FFVII over the summer holiday when I should have been revising for my GCSE’s. Gotta get that golden Chocobo” Camo_Kill

“First loading up Killzone 2 on PS3 and seeing the jump in graphics. I stood on Pyrrus Rise for hours just staring!” BadaBadaBoom

“I remember buying the portable screen for the PSOne and we used to play it at school at lunchtimes” Killinaintcrazy

“Playing Tenchu Stealth Assassins but never playing past the first level, just kept replaying it until I got grandmaster consistently” Billybobbobbob

So 20 years into the PlayStation story, what are your best memories and which console would you say is your best. Thanks for reading


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