COD Advanced Warfare

With the newest version of the Call of Duty franchise being released next week, I thought I would post a few of my hopes for the game.

Right first things first my knowledge for the game is minimal, I have tried to keep the game as secret from myself as possible. This hopefully will mean a bit more excitement for the game when its released.

Originally I wasn’t going to purchase this game, the lag compensation that I experienced from previous games just put me off, even though the newest version has been confirmed to have dedicated servers, its how they are set up that matters.

The gameplay will be standard COD action, that you cant deny is a winning formula, millions of gamers would also agree. However this can also be it’s downfall, the ability to abuse certain gameplay aspects just to try and get ahead in the game is always the way of the world.

The Drop Shop – this is the most annoying element of gameplay that you will come across in the world of COD, when you start shooting at somebody they all of a sudden drop prone, thinking that they are getting out of the way of your bullets. This is a great tactic if it wasn’t for the minimal amount of auto aim that is in the game, you duck down to the ground and my crosshairs follow you…BOOM Headshot!

With the addition of exoskeletons to the gameplay allowing higher jumping and dashing, this will get abused as well, people will find ways to get to secret locations where sniping becomes uneven, this will be ok, but with a great shot from my rifle…BOOM Headshot!

Im sure that some guns will be overpowered like previous games, and will be used most by gamers trying to get the upper hand, however this wont account for skill, and on that front I will always put a great performance in each round…BOOM Headshot!

Hopefully the game itself will include some great maps, with various levels of participation. Hopefully the maps will allow for any use of firearm, so finally the snipers will actually be used properly rather than people no scoping.

Well, hopefully the game will fulfil everyone’s dreams of the new COD and also reignite the passion that I have had in the past for previous Call of Duty games.

Less than a week to find out, and then I will post another article to see if my expectations were met.


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