Play Expo – The Great Misfortune

Let me start this blog entry off by saying. “The Following Statements Are Of My Own Doing” Now that’s out of the way, I went to my first Play Expo this year, and I doubt I will be first in the queue to purchase tickets next year. The doors opened at 10, yet my arrival wasn’t until around 1pm. Had things to do in yada yada yada. After gaining entry, I was impressed by the sheer size of the place, as normal when I go to large conventions, I get the lie of the land and see what’s what. As I walked down the middle aisle i drifted in and out of conciousness as the Re.Play area came into view. Retro games as far as the eye could see, Spectrum, Atari, Commodore, a selection of classic arcade cabinets that would make any amusement arcade owner burn on the spot. All of the cabinets were free to play, and included some great games, Fix it Felix, Tron, Star Wars, the classic TMNT 4 player game, Galaxian, Roadblasters to name a few. I could have spent hours here, but as with everything like this, lots of sweaty teenagers and over aftershaved adults roamed these sections, awaiting for you to release both hands from the joystick before jumping on themselves. If a zombie apocalypse broke out around those arcade machines, nobody would have batted an eyelid, just dodged the zom’s looking to get onto the Killer Instinct cabinet. After breaking free from its grasp, the next items to see…..pinball machines. Now I like to think that I can rack up a high score on Zen Pinball on the PS4, in real life its a completely different story…don’t know what it is or why it happens, but I turn into ‘MEGA THUMBS’ the superhero that cannot press a little button to flap the flippers. So aside from the good parts of the retro stuff, everything else went downhill. Merchandise, what is there to say about the merch? It was all full of cards…personally I don’t get why playing card games is so fascinating, I guess it’s because I have never experienced it. Maybe one day. I did manage to pick up a ‘Keep Calm and Kill Zombies’ plaque that will sit nicely on my office door, just in case anyone ever gets tempted to come knocking…they know i’m a badass Onto the recent games, the exclusive game at Play Expo was Pro Evo Soccer 2015…a first play…wait wait wait what!! This is utter rubbish, I played the demo weeks ago. Aside from that game, the rest of the games were mediocre at best. MGS, Knack, NBA, Fifa 14…..14! the only other new game that I tried was the newest Motocross game, wasn’t too bad to play, but not a game on my buy list. Now, you have been wondering why all these comments are my own fault, aside from the fact that I was there experiencing it. I went to Eurogamer (EGX) for the last two years, and not being able to attend this year, I was hoping that Play Expo was going to be a replacement for this year. Dissapointment didn’t cover how I felt, but as I said before it was my own making, I shouldn’t have put Play Expo so high without attending before. If you have never been to a gaming expo before then Play Expo would be fine for your first, however if you do get the chance to go along to EGX – next year at Birmingham NEC – then take the plunge and go to EGX. Gamers in one place…what could go wrong!


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